Building Permits

Permits are required for new structures, most remodeling projects, plumbing, and electrical work. Contact Witkowski Inspection Agency, LLC if you have questions regarding building or remodeling projects. 

The City of Chilton reserves the rights to adjust fees according to the type of project.  Application fees are non-refundable.  It should be noted that all permit applications are public record.

No building, plumbing, HVAC or electrical work shall be performed by any party or be permitted to be performed on the property of any party in the City unless a permit is obtained.  Failure to obtain a building permit before commencing with work will result in doubling the permit fee.

When buying a property part of the process involves receiving survey information about the boundary lines of the property. However over time changes to the landscape often can present less clear visions of property lines. Knowing the boundary lines of your property could help you avoid:

  • Being forced to alter or remove structures that extend over the property line
  • Being forced to remove or move landscaping that encroach or extend over the property line
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Fines
  • Lawsuits

Properties that border park or government lands can also present situations that are not correctly interpreted by homeowners. Some homeowners assume that since the adjacent parkland will not be developed it is okay to extend fences or erect sheds on that land. This assumption could lead to serious consequences for homeowners.

Examples of situations when it is important to know property line locations

  • If you plan to build a new structure.
  • If you plan to construct an addition to an existing structure.
  • If you plan to erect a fence, pool or deck.
  • If you disagree with your neighbor on the property line location.
  • If you plan to plant, trim or remove a tree or bush near your property line.

The City of Chilton does not locate property boundaries in the field for residents as it is the responsibility of the property owner.  If you cannot locate the original survey pins the only accurate way to find or replace them is to hire a land surveyor. 

Permit application forms can be printed, filled out by hand and returned for processing.  Permits are being processed and issued at this time despite the pandemic.  Completed forms can be turned in one of the following ways:

      • Mailed to Chilton City Hall, 42 School Street, Chilton, WI 53014
      • Dropped off in the City Hall Drop Box (located to the left of City Hall front doors)
      • Email completed permit to:

Once the permit is received, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of the approval. 

Payments for permits are due upon the completion of the approval process and you will be notified by City of Chilton the correct amount owed.  Payments can be made one of the following ways:

      • Checks or money orders made to the order of City of Chilton
      • Contact City Hall for a Credit Card/Debit Card payment (additional fees apply).

Permit Applications

Search Tax Records for the Tax Parcel I.D. Number (30 digits - listed as Alternate Tax Parcel Number) and Location I.D. Number (5 digits - listed as Tax Parcel I.D. Number).  One of these Tax Parcel numbers are required on all Permit Applications. 

One two and three family new construction permits must be submitted through the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Division of Industry Services Online Building Permit System as well as completing the City of Chilton's New Home Packet forms.