Building Plan Approval Process

The City of Chilton provides plan review and approval for one, two and three family residential projects and some commercial projects. The review and approval process is required prior to the issuance of local permits to assure compliance with Municipal and State ordinances, standards and codes.

Plans and permit applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. Review times are based on complexity of the project and the current workload.

Project Plan Submittal and Review

The following is a list of one, two and three family residential building projects that require plan submittal and review:

      • Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Division of Industry Services Online Building Permit System
      • City of Chilton R-1, R-2, or R-3 Building Permit Application (See New Packet Permit Application which is listed on the Permit page. This packet includes the application for Water Meter Unit and Driveway Permit)
      • Three sets of building plans which include the following information:
      • Floor Plan
      • Footing and Foundation Plan
      • Plan Views - All Sides
      • Full Cross Section Showing Footing, Foundation, Wall and Floor Detail and Roof Truss Detail
      • Size of all Windows and Doors
      • Braced Wall Line Plan
      • Plot Plan (Includes Erosion Control, Size of Lot, Size of Structure on Lot with Setbacks and Side Yards)
      • Energy Worksheet
      • Erosion Control Plan
      • Water Calculation Worksheet