Chaplain Program

The Chaplain Program for Calumet County, which includes the Chilton Police Department, was started in 2013 and currently consists of six chaplains working with the Calumet County Sheriff's Office, Brillion Police Department, Kiel Police Department and the New Holstein Police Department. The Chaplain Program is non-denominational in nature and is not meant to encourage a particular religion, denomination or religious tradition. Law Enforcement Chaplains are available for our members and their families, as well as to assist our officers when interacting with the citizens and visitors of Calumet County. Some of the areas they may assist with include but not limited to:
  • Line of duty death or significant injury 
  • Hospital visitations for active and retired members
  • Death notifications/other traumatic incidents
  • Debriefing of critical incidents
  • Counsel police officers and other members of the department
  • Counsel the families of police officers

The role of the Chaplain Program is to aid, support, listen, work with and guide those wo are faced with difficult situations. Additionally, our chaplains have attended various trainings to aid in the previously mentioned areas. Chaplains also partake in department trainings and ride alongs.