Fireworks Display Application/Regulations

The Fireworks Display Application (listed at the bottom of the page) must be completed and returned at least 10 days prior to date of display. If not received and processed within two days prior to event, application is denied. Applicant must be21years of age to apply.

All displays must be compliant with all regulations set forth by NFPA 1123,NFPA 1126 and Wisconsin Statute 167.10.

Required attachments at time of application are:

1) Proof of bond or certificate of insurance with expiration date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to consult with their insurance carrier on the amount of insurance needed and proof of coverage.

2) A diagram of the ground, or facilities at which the display will be held. This diagram (drawn to scale or with dimensions included) must show the point at which the fireworks/special effects are to be discharged; the location of ground pieces; the location of suspended pieces; the location of the audience and printed distance of audience to discharge site.

3) Provide a letter of permission to display fireworks by the property owner (if applicant is not the property owner).