Leaf & Residential Brush Collection

Leaf Collection

Residential leaf collection begins in the month of October and continues up until Thanksgiving, weather permitting.


Reminders - Violations could be subject to City of Chilton Municipal Code Penalties 

  • Do not put place leaves in the street because they can block storm sewers and cause flooding. Piles of leaves in the street are also a dangerous attraction for children
  • Bagged leaves will not be collected by the Department of Public Works 
  • Brush and leaves should be placed in separate piles to help speed the collection process
  • Please refrain from piling leaves and yard waste next to trees, poles, mailboxes or other obstructions as this slows down the crews and may cause damage to equipment or obstruction


Residential Brush Collection

Residential brush collection is conducted on the fourth Monday of each month on a CALL-IN BASIS ONLY. Contact City Hall at (920) 849-2451 to schedule a pick up. Brush must be no larger than 6 inches in diameter, uniformly piled and placed parallel to the street with cut ends lying in the same direction.

2024 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Brush  Pick Up Date 22 26 25 22 28 24 22 26 23 28 25 23


Yard Waste Site

Residents may bring their loose leaves, grass clippings and garden waste to the City Garage, located at 908 Maple Street (behind Kwik Trip).  Residents are also able to pick up wood chips or compost at no charge when available.   Yard waste site is open to City of Chilton residents only 


City of Chilton Yard Waste Site - City Garage

908 S. Maple Street

Brush, branches & shrub trimmings Any container or bag
Garden waste Rocks or stones
Grass clippings Trash
Leaves Root Balls
Dirt and sod