Police Services

  • Business Emergency Contact Form
The City of Chilton Police Department requests business owners to complete a Business Emergency Contact Form in order to have the most current information on hand when someone needs to be contacted after business hours.  The City of Chilton Police Department, along with the Calumet County Dispatch Center, will have access to this keyholder information in the event of an emergency, such as an alarm being set off, vandalism, burglary or open door(s) to the business.  Please complete and update this form whenever information has changed to ensure agencies have the most accurate information on file at all times. 


  • House Checks
The City of Chilton does perform house checks while you are away for a weekend or an extended period of time. House checks are performed as time allows, which could affect the frequency of checks.  To request a House Check, please complete the form listed below and return it to the City of Chilton Police Department before you leave.
  • Ride Along Program

The City of Chilton wishes to provide those that are interested with the opportunity to ride along with our officers to show participants the day-to-day operations of a patrol officer.  We wish to promote positive community relations with this unique educational experience of what it is like to be a patrol officer.  A Ride Along Waiver form needs to completed, along with a background check of the participant.  If the Ride Along participant is a juvenile a parental consent form will need to be completed.  Forms can be dropped off at the Chilton Police Department for the approval process.

  • Vehicle Lock Out

The City of Chilton Police Department provides a limited vehicle service to the community.  A police officer will attempt to unlock your vehicle.  Contact the City of Chilton Police Department during business hours at (920) 849-4855 or the Calumet County Sheriff's Office after hours at (920) 849-2335 to request an officer.  Please give the dispatcher your location, make, model and color of vehicle and the license plate, if known.  This will help officers in locating your vehicle.  You must remain with the vehicle to sign a release form prior to performing the vehicle lock out.  Citizens who request the service will be assessed a $20.00 fee.