Stanton Place

The Chilton Housing Authority manages Stanton Place in the City of Chilton designed specifically for elderly or handicapped/disabled individuals.  This is a 32 unit single story secured building featuring one-bedroom apartments for independent living of one to two people. Three units are designed to meet the needs of the physically disabled.

Applicants for Elderly Housing must meet the following yearly Very Low income limits (income limits subject to change):   

Income Limit Type 1 Person  Unit 2 Person Unit
Extremely Low Income $20,100 $23,000
Very Low Income $33,500 $38,300
Low Income $53,600** $61,250 **

** Please note the Housing Authority may consider applicants with a Low Income limit versus a Very Low Income only in very specific instances. Please contact the office for details.


What is Income?

Annual income includes all money received on a regular monthly basis, such as, but not limited to:

      • Social Security income
      • Interest income from investments (Money Market, CD, stocks, bonds) not the principal amount of investment
      • If property is owned and rented out, the rental income is included

How is rent calculated?
Rent is calculated based on 30% percent of the gross income. Once an applicant has been determined to be income eligible, (meets the income limits) it is then determined what deductions might apply.