Swimming Pool Regulations

A building permit is required and shall be obtained for the installation of all new, remodeled, altered or relocated private pool in the City of Chilton in accordance with Section 10.03 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances.  The application for a permit shall be accompanied by a plot plan drawing of the premises upon which the proposed pool is to be installed.  The plot plan shall show the size and shape of the lot location and size of all buildings, structures and fences existing or prosed and any other information affecting the premises.  The plot plan shall be accurate and dimensioned.


Plumbing and electrical permits are required in accordance with Section 10.03 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances for applicable installations for the operation of a pool.  Plumbing installations for the operation of a pool are required to be done in compliance with State Plumbing Code under a plumbing permit.  Electrical installations made for the operation of a pool are required to be done in compliance with the National Electrical Code, Article 680, under an electrical permit.


The pool and any pool accessory building structure and any pool equipment or structure shall not exceed 15% of the open area of the lot on which it is located.  All side yard and setback requirements shall be in accordance with Chapter 16 and 17 of the Chilton Municipal Code.


All private residential pools whether in ground or above ground types, shall be enclosed with an adequate and secure fence at least 42” inches high above adjoining grade to prevent straying into pool area. Required fences shall be constructed to prohibit the passage of a four inch sphere between fence members. Any gate installed shall be provided with self-closing and self-latching devices which shall be on the inside of the gate at least 30 inches above ground level. A pool dome or pool top fencing attached to the pool to extend at least 42” inches above the ground or a pool cover capable of supporting 100 pounds per square foot of area are acceptable substitutes for fencing. Such pool domes or covers shall be fixed securely in place at all times when the pool is not supervised by a responsible person.


Above grade pools with walls that are at least 42”inches high at all points around said pool or have platforms and railings that are 42” inches or more in height above grade are not required to be enclosed as provided, but the ladders and stairways providing access to said pools shall be adequately secured to prevent entry whenever the pool is not in use.


Any area lighting for pools shall be shielded to prevent the lighting of neighboring properties.

The draining of pools shall be directed to a public storm sewer or catch basin connected to the public storm sewer. Drainage shall be controlled to prevent any adverse effect on adjoining property.

All pools shall be maintained in such a way as to not create a nuisance, hazard, eyesore, or otherwise result in a substantial adverse effect on neighboring properties or to be in any way detrimental to public health, safety or welfare.

Existing pools not in compliance with the fencing or enclosure requirements shall be made to comply within twelve months of the adoption of this ordinance. Existing pools that are reconstructed or relocated shall be brought into compliance with these requirements at the time of reconstruction or relocation.