Chilton Veterans Memorial

Chilton Veterans Memorial---located in Klinkner Park---is a memorial that honors the men and women who served our country, while preserving the freedoms of all.  This stone memorial honors all branches of the military--Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps., Coast Guard/Merchant Marines and the Army National Guard.  This prominent memorial displays a statue of each branch of military, along with the American Bald Eagle displaying it's fierce beauty, independence, strength and freedom of America.

The Chilton community gathered and dedicated this memorial on August 2, 2014 to write another chapter in its praise, admiration and respect for veterans of the United States Military Service.  This memorial was created in a special place that connects the past, yet holds a place for future honor and remembrance.  This is a place where citizens and visitors, young and old, can come to honor, remember, learn, reflect and share stories that should never be forgotten.


Memorial Nameplate Plaque Process

Applications to add new veterans' names to the Veterans' Memorial at Chilton’s Klinkner Park begins annually on November 1st and runs until March 1st of each year.  Names are ONLY added to the memorial ONCE A YEAR.

The process is relatively simple. An application form must be completed, which is listed on the bottom of this webpage.  Form DD214 must be submitted along with the Chilton Veterans' Memorial Form.  The Chilton Memorial Form is available at the bottom of this webpage or at Chilton City Hall, 42 School Street, Chilton.  Form DD214 can be obtained at the Veterans Service Office at the Calumet County Courthouse, 206 Court Street, Chilton.

Nameplates to honor individual veterans are available in two sizes.

    • Cost $300 - 4" x 8" plate that will provide space for 3 lines with 13 characters or spaces on each line.
    • Cost $500 - 8" x 8" plate that will provide space for 6 lines with 13 characters or spaces on each line.  Images of medals awarded to veterans, such as Purple Heart, Bronze Star, etc. can be imprinted but only with this option.  
Example of Name Plaque
Donations Accepted to Maintain Chilton Veterans' Memorial

Donations made to the Chilton Veterans' Memorial Fund are used to assist with the beautification of the memorial and surrounding grounds. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated to help with this ongoing endeavor. All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.  There are a number of ways to make a donation to this great cause!


Donations can be made by cash, check or debit/credit card:

Cash/Check Donations
Payable to - City of Chilton (add Veterans Memorial Donation to check memo)

Mail to: 

Chilton City Hall
42 School Street
Chilton, WI 53014 


Debit/Credit Card Donations

Please contact Chilton City Hall at (920) 849-2451in order to process your donation.  It should be noted that there is a convenience fee for using a debit/credit card option.  It is $1.00 for check/savings payments; 3% (+50¢ if under $100).