Lawn/Noxious Weeds Maintenance of Vegetation

The City weed ordinance is defined in 18-3 and 18-3 (8)(a)(b) 12 (b). Noxious weeds and rank growth of vegetation in excess of eight (8) inches in residential areas and 12 inches in undeveloped areas of commercial or industrial zoned properties violates the ordinance. Any property owner who is in violation will receive a notice advising them to cut the weeds or vegetation within three (3) days from the date of the letter. If the weeds or vegetation is not cut the City can cut the weeds or vegetation and invoice the property owner for the service along with the cost of any blades, parts, or equipment that may be destroyed or damaged by any stones or obstacles. The property owner is only notified by letter once during the growing season. If the City received any future complaints, the weeds or vegetation will be cut without any further notification and the cost assessed to the property owner. Noxious Weeds are defined as "any species of plants, either annual, biennial, or perennial, reproduced by seed, root, underground stem, or bulbet, which then established is or may become destructive and difficult to control by ordinary means of cultivation or other farm practices.

To report a lawn or noxious weed violation, please contact Chilton City Hall.


Grass Clippings Compliance

 The City of Chilton is mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assist in improving water quality in lakes, streams and drainage ways into which city storm sewers discharge. Grass clippings can not only clog storm sewers, which can cause localized flooding, but can also cause degradation of water quality of our local rivers and lakes. Police and DPW employees will leave residents a "door hanger" notice that are not in compliance with this ordinance over the coming weeks and months.

Businesses and residents are reminded when mowing lawn adjacent to the street, direct the lawn mower’s discharge chute toward the yard, not the street. If this cannot be avoided, businesses and residents are required to remove the grass clippings from the street immediately.

City streets, curbs, gutters and curb inlets are all portions of the storm water system which makes the blowing of grass and leaves onto streets, curbs and gutters illegal and enforceable through the City of Chilton Municipal Code 20-77(b) LITTERING PROHIBITED: No person shall cause grass, leaves or any form of yard waste to enter upon public property or upon any private property not owned by said person or upon the surface of any body of water within the city.

Per City of Chilton Municipal Code 1-12 violators of this ordinance will be fined in excess of $200 for each individual violation, in addition to a $100 clean up fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Chilton City Hall 920.849.2451 or the Chilton Police Department at 920.849.4855.