Winter Snow and Ice Regulations

Winter will soon be upon us.  To help make your travels safe, we offer the following guidelines:

  • Snowplows can generate flying snow and salt.  Please stay back 75 feet, be patient and don't pass a plow on the right side.
  • Please do not park vehicles on the street following a snowfall.  Plows cannot get close to the curb, causing extra plowing which costs additional tax dollars.
  • Please do not park in driving lanes if snow is blocking the parking lane.
  • Please do not park your vehicle at the end of your driveway in a way that would impeded the City plow.
  • Do not place garbage/recycling carts on snowbanks or in the road.  Place carts in driveway openings.
  • Please provide safe sidewalks for pedestrians.  The owner or occupant of the property immediately is responsible for the snow/ice removal no later than 36 hours following the end of the snowfall.  A reasonable amount of sand may be procured from the City Garage to prevent slippery or icy sidewalks.
  • Do not blow, plow, or throw snow onto any City street or sidewalk.  Snow blown, plowed, or shoveled onto any City right-of-way is subject to a citation.
  • The City does not have the resources to provide snow removal for private sidewalks or driveway aprons.  If you need assistance with snow removal we suggest to contact a relative, friend, neighbor or hiring a contractor to remove the snow for you.
  • Crews will, when feasible, apply the following standard when plowing snow in a cul-de-sac: one full pass will be made around the perimeter, pushing the snow to the middle of the cul-de-sac.  Then as time allows, the snow will be hauled out of the center.
  • Please keep the catch basin adjacent to your property free from ice and snow to help prevent flooding


Section 26-5 Snow and Ice Removal: governing the disposal of snow and ice by property owners/occupants. Property owners are required to remove snow or ice to the width of the sidewalk within 36 hours after a snowfall, sleet or succession of drifting. If the sidewalk is not cleared within 36 hours the Director of Public Works or designee will have the sidewalk cleared and invoice the property owner at a cost established by the Department of Public Works per lineal foot of lot frontage per cleanup. No written notification will be given to property owners.

Snow Removal Season by the City of Chilton for private sidewalks NOT SHOVELED 36 hours after a snowfall:

1st Offense: .75¢ per foot plus 25% Administrative Fee
2nd Offense: .75¢ per foot plus 25% Administrative Fee plus $50 surcharge
3rd Offense: .75¢ per foot plus 25% Administrative Fee plus $100 surcharge
4th Offense and Subsequent Offenses: .75¢ per foot plus 25% Administrative Fee plus $200 surcharge

Frozen Water Pipes

During cold winter months, water pipes can freeze.  To reduce this possibility, take the following precautions:

  • Turn off water to outside faucets, drain and leave faucets open.
  • Make sure all basement windows are securely closed and repair broken window panes.
  • Repair cracks or holes in the foundation.  Insulating along floor joists.
  • Make sure all rooms containing water pipes are kept above freezing temperature, especially if the house will be vacant.
  • During subzero weather, leave cabinet doors open under sinks especially if pipes are on an outside wall.
  • If the water meter is enclosed in a cabinet, leave the door open so that heat can circulate during the winter months.

If your water pipes freeze, we recommend using a hair dryer to thaw them.  Never use a blow torch or any open flame to thaw pipes.  If you plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time, we recommend winterizing your home or having a friend or family member check on the residence several times during your absence.


Mailbox Damage 

Department of Public Works (DPW) snowplow units may accidentally damage a mailbox when they are plowing.  If your mailbox is damaged, call DPW to report the damage and your claim will be investigated.  If the City's snowplow was at fault and your mailbox was complaint with the postal regulations then DPW will repair or replace your mailbox and/or post, with a standard wooden post and mailbox according to postal regulations.  Please note that dependent on the type of damage, permanent repair may be delayed until the ground thaws in the spring.  But at the very least temporary repairs will be made as soon as possible to assure continued mail delivery.

United States Postal Office Mailbox Regulations

      • Position your mailbox 41" to 45" from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry 
      • Place your mailbox 6" to 8" back from the curb.  If you do not have a raised curb, contact your local postmaster for guidance
      • Should have a handle on the door plus a flag and house number on the right hand side of the mailbox
      • If your mailbox is on a different street from your house or apartment, put your full street address on the box
      • Must be clear of snow on the curb side, to provide access for mail delivery



Terrace Damage

Department of Public Works (DPW) may accidentally cause damage to curbs and grass/terrace areas through its snow plowing efforts.  Each spring, DPW repairs terrace damage caused by City plows using top soil and seed.  

If your terrace is damaged by a snowplow, please call DPW to report the damage and your claim will be investigated.  If the City was at fault, your terrace will be repaired in spring after weather conditions permit.